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How Does Local Anesthetic Work? What Are Side Effects?

A lot of people think that general dentistry treatment is usually done without sedation. But, the reality is that many dental procedures require the use of a local anesthetic to block pain when the doctor performs the treatment. If you want to know how it actually works and what side effects you can expect from
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Do Tooth Extractions Hurt?

Tooth pain can be excruciating and may require emergency care. In some cases, the dentist will have to remove the tooth to prevent the spread of infection.  Fortunately, the pain from an extraction can be radically alleviated with the help of sedation dentistry. Moreover, your dentist will also give you pain medication, or recommend an
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Was My Sinus Infection Caused By My Root Canal?

If you’ve recently had a root canal at Smillie Dental or another dental office in Port Orange and have experienced a sinus infection, you may be wondering if the two conditions are connected. Can a sinus infection cause a root canal? The short answer is “no,” but things are a bit more complicated than you
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