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General Dentist in Port Orange


General Dentistry

Regular visits every six months are key to maintaining a healthy smile. These visits usually last a little under an hour and include cleanings, inspections, and x-rays. Coming in twice-per-year also gives us a chance to get to know you and develop a long-term plan for keeping your mouth healthy and keeping visits simple and painless..


A metal-free practice

Though metal fillings and crowns are still commonly used, they’re no longer the best option for general dentistry. That’s why we exclusively offer composite, porcelain, and other safe synthetic options instead. These materials hold up just as well (and sometimes better), than their metal counterparts, and blend in readily with your natural smile.


Dental sealants

A quick, painless process of sealing teeth at risk for cavities can go a long way towards preventing future issues. Dr. Smillie may recommend a sealant treatment for emerging teeth or overcrowded molars that easily gather food particles. For existing minor cavities, a sealant treatment may also be recommended to prevent future infections.

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