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Clear Aligner Therapy in Port Orange


Clear Aligners

Crooked teeth and gaps are no match for SureSmile clear aligners. Much like Invisalign, this revolutionary system of plastic aligners has helped countless individuals make their smiles more symmetrical and perfect. The best part is that these aligners are almost completely transparent and thin enough to be worn comfortably all day. If you want to fix those little overlaps, this could be the best solution for you.


The process

  1. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Smillie. Say you’re interested in SureSmile.
  2. We’ll determine if you are a good candidate for SureSmile treatments.
  3. If you qualify, Dr. Smillie will establish a treatment plan and take scans of your mouth for your first set of aligners.
  4. A manufacturer will create your custom aligners from the scans and send the first few sets to you.
  5. Maintain a strict schedule for wearing your aligners—at least 22 hours every day.
  6. Go in for an appointment every 6 weeks where Dr. Smillie will ensure your teeth are aligning correctly.
  7. See noticeable results in a matter of months!

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New patients save big with Dr. Smillie.

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