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Same Day Appointments in Port Orange


Our Patients

At Smillie Dental, our patients needs are the number one priority. We try to provide excellent dental care that is accessible and accommodating for everyone in Port Orange. Whether you’re a parent whose child needs to see a dentist right after school, or a working professional with a busy schedule, our doors are open to you. Depending on the procedure you require, our staff can treat you on the same day you schedule.


To Schedule Changes

Not everything goes according to plan. Despite your best efforts to manage your day, sometimes things come up. But that also means you might have an unexpected opening in your busy schedule. That’s why our flexible hours and same day appointments are perfect for busy patients like you. A change to your schedule doesn’t have to completely upend your day. Take the opportunity to see an experienced Port Orange dentist who is ready to treat you.


Fast Pain Relief

If you’re experiencing any oral pain, our same-day appointments can get you back on track without the wait. Making you comfortable is our top concern at Smillie Dental, and we’ll do all we can to see that you’re pain-free by the time you leave our office. Drs. Helen and Joseph Smillie are trained emergency dentists and know how to care for all types of oral pain. We’re also far more affordable than a visit to the ER. So whether it’s a toothache, dental injury, or damaged tooth, we’ll accommodate you as best we can. Call us today at 386-317-4754 for same day appointments in Port Orange.



We know you can’t plan for a dental injury or issue. When you’re a working professional, finding time to deal with your oral health can be difficult. At Smillie Dental, we want to be accessible to all patients, which is why we offer same day appointments. If you’re suffering from a dental emergency or have a brief opening in your schedule, contact us immediately at 386-317-4754 or visit our office at 5537 South Williamson Blvd, #675, Port Orange, Florida 32128. We’re excited to treat you!

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New patients save big with Dr. Helen Smillie and Dr. Joseph Smillie.

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