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Emergency Dentist in Port Orange

Prompt Care

Emergency Dentistry

Missing or chipped teeth not only look bad, they can also open up the body to infection. These and other dental emergencies should be treated as soon as possible, which is why we offer same-day appointments for dental emergencies. Here’s what to do if you need emergency dental work.

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Stay Calm

What to Do in an Emergency

So you lost a tooth, or it’s knocked way out of place. Maybe a piece is dislodged few or sitting in your mouth. Whatever the case may be, keeping calm will make it easier to manage.

  1. Call or have someone reach out to our doctors at 386-317-4754 and schedule a same-day appointment. Explain what happened to the best of your ability and follow any instructions we give you.
  2. Gather all tooth material you can find and place it in a bag with milk or saliva. Keeping the tooth moist will better your chances of saving it. If a full missing tooth easily fits back into its socket without discomfort, that is also an option.
  3. If you are missing a whole tooth, try not to handle it by the root.
  4. Rinse out any blood from your mouth and apply gauze if necessary.
  5. If the bleeding does not subside or worsens, it might be best to visit the emergency room.
  6. If all goes well, visit Smillie Dental, and we will determine the best way to save your tooth or fix chips and cracks.

Know the Signs 

Identifying Dental Emergencies

While many emergencies are obvious and most people know when to seek emergency care for health issues, dental emergencies can often be more subtle and difficult to identify. Other than the most common and obvious dental emergencies like knocked-out teeth or excessive bleeding, the following are also considered dental emergencies:

  • Painful toothaches
  • Advanced periodontal disease
  • Severely inflamed or discolored gums
  • Past dental work (such as fillings or crowns) that have fallen out

If you are experiencing any of these situations, call us immediately at (386) 204-0758.

Important Things to Keep in Mind

During Emergencies

The first and most important thing to remember in a dental emergency is to keep calm and come in for treatment right away. Getting expert dental care as soon as possible ensures the best possible outcome for your dental health. Once you’ve made an appointment, manage pain with a cold compress or ibuprofen. If your tooth has been knocked out, replace it in its socket if possible, or keep it in a cup of milk until you get to our office.

Call Now

For a Same-Day Appointment

Whether you are a first-time patient or an existing patient at our office, we always make time for emergency cases and our dentists will see you right away. Call us now at (386) 204-0758 or contact us online to let us know you’ll be coming by.  You can also walk-in to our office at 5537 S. Williamson Blvd. #675 Port Orange, FL 32128.


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