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Restorative Dentistry in Port Orange


Restorative Dentistry

When teeth need restoration, and your oral health needs a reset, trust Dr. Smillie and our compassionate staff to handle every procedure with your comfort in mind. We understand that some of these conditions can be painful, so every move is carefully planned and executed to ensure you have a pleasant experience and leave with a smile.



Tooth loss and decay over the years may leave some with gaps—sometimes several teeth wide! No matter the extent of your denture need, Dr. Smillie has the finesse to bring back your full smile in no time. We offer full row, partial row, and implant-supported dentures based on the patient’s needs. All of these provide effective and lasting replacement teeth options, and can be made to match your natural tooth color.

The Benefits Of


Wondering if dentures from Dr. Smillie are right for you? Here are a few benefits that you’ll enjoy when you choose our office for dentures in Port Orange:

  • Multiple denture options – We offer partial dentures to replace one or more missing teeth, full-arch dentures to replace one or both arches of your natural teeth, and even implant-supported dentures, which offer a superior hold and will help keep your jaw healthy after tooth loss.
  • Expert designs with high-quality materials – As an experienced restorative dentist, Dr. Smillie will build dentures that look and feel just like your natural teeth. Our dentures are built to last and you will be able to enjoy your new smile for years to come.
  • Restore your smile quickly – We can often provide you with temporary dentures in just a single appointment so that you can speak, eat, and smile with ease while we create your permanent set of dentures. This makes your life more convenient and allows you to resume your normal, day-to-day activities.


Dental Implants

Dr. Smillie has extensive experience in placing and maintaining dental implants. Over time, most implants will need minor restorations to preserve their integrity for years to come. If you need an implant placed or have an existing dental implant that needs to be cleaned or milled, Dr. Smillie is the dentist for you.


Periodontal Care

Without proper care, gums eventually build up bacteria that can cause serious issues down the road. If you think you might have some stage of periodontal disease, make an appointment with Dr. Smillie. He’ll diagnose the problem and provide a range of solutions to get your gums back in a healthy condition. Most of the time, removing infected tissue is the best way to prevent gum diseases from spreading, but you can avoid the problem altogether with two scheduled cleanings each year.

The Benefits

Of Periodontal Care

Deep cleaning (also known as “scaling and root planing”) from Smillie Dental has a number of unique benefits:

  • Reverse minor cases of gingivitis – Gingivitis, which is the initial stage of gum disease, does not cause any permanent damage to your teeth or gums. With proper periodontal care and better oral hygiene habits, you can actually completely reverse and eliminate gingivitis to restore your mouth to optimal health.
  • Treat and halt the progression of gum disease – Even if your gum disease has progressed and caused permanent damage, the team at Smillie Dental can help halt your condition and control it with regular periodontal care.
  • Save your teeth, avoid dentures – While dentures are a good option for those who have lost most of their teeth, it’s always better to preserve your natural teeth, when possible. Periodontal care lets you save your smile and avoid the high cost of replacing your teeth with dentures or dental implants.


Root Canals

The procedure everyone dreads is actually not as painful as it once was. And with the careful, patient hand of Dr. Smillie on your side, you can count on the most dependable oversight of the procedure possible. Root canals are necessary when a tooth—or several teeth—have deep-seated cavities that have gone all the way to the base of the tooth (or root).

Dr. Smillie will perform a comprehensive cleaning of all damaged tooth tissue, using the latest in pain reduction techniques to minimize the discomfort when dealing with damaged tissue. One tool we often use with root canals is called The Wand, which provides a highly regulated stream of anesthetic solution exactly where it’s needed. Once all the tissue is cleaned from the tooth, Dr. Smillie will fill the empty space, and cap it with a crown.

The Benefits Of

Root Canals

If you have an infected tooth, root canal therapy from Smillie Dental will preserve your tooth and eliminate your toothache.

  • Eliminate pain and discomfort – With modern techniques and numbing agents, the root canal process does not hurt at all. In fact, a root canal provides you with relief from the pain of a toothache, which can be debilitating enough to interfere with your day-to-day life.
  • Preserve your natural tooth – Without a root canal to treat an infected tooth, your tooth will eventually die, and it may fall out or require extraction. While it’s always possible to replace it with a dental bridge, implant, or a partial denture, it’s always better to save your natural tooth.
  • Save time and money – Root canal therapy is typically covered by most dental insurance plans and it is much more affordable than replacing a missing tooth. If you don’t get a root canal, you may have to pay out of pocket for a more costly procedure like extraction or an implant.

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