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Do Root Canals Hurt? What to Expect After You Get Root Canal Therapy

Root canal in an x-ray

If you have a sore tooth in Port Orange, you may be putting off going to the dentist, because you might be worried that you will need a root canal. But despite the bad reputation root canals get in popular culture, root canal therapy is a highly-effective, minimally-invasive dental treatment, and it causes very little pain. 

In this blog from Smillie Dental, we’ll explain what you need to know about root canals and pain, and separate fact from fiction. 

You Won’t Feel Any Pain or Discomfort During the Root Canal Process

If you’re worried that you’ll feel pain when your root canal is being performed by Dr. Helen or Dr. Joseph Smillie, don’t worry. Your mouth will be completely numb, so you won’t feel a thing. 

First, your mouth will be numbed with a special spray, then a needle will be used to deliver a powerful numbing medicine directly to the nerves near the tooth that’s getting a root canal. While you may feel some pressure during your treatment, you won’t feel any pain.

Your Tooth May Feel Sore After a Root Canal

Given the fact that all of the nerve-filled pulp in your tooth is cleaned out and removed during a root canal, it may seem strange that your tooth will feel sore after a root canal. But this happens due to the way the cleaning process works. 

Dr. Joseph or Dr. Helen Smillie will use special dental instruments to clean out the tooth and remove the diseased pulp. This process can irritate the nerves and tissue near the root of your tooth. This is what causes pain and discomfort after your root canal.

If your root canal is successful, this pain should be quite mild, and you will only last for a few days. If you continue to experience a lot of pain, this means that your dentist may not have fully removed the infection, and you may need a follow-up root canal treatment. 

Root Canals Are Much Less Painful Than Toothaches – Get Relief From Your Pain!

Though root canals will cause some mild pain and discomfort as you recover, this is nothing compared to the pain and discomfort of a toothache due to an infected tooth. If you don’t get help for an infected tooth, the pain will only get worse.

Eventually, the pain caused by a toothache can interfere with your ability to eat, concentrate, and live your day-to-day life. Not only that, but a serious tooth infection can even lead to life-threatening complications like sepsis. 

For these reasons, you should always see a dentist if your tooth hurts. Even though seeing a dentist for a root canal may seem intimidating, it’s the best way to save your tooth and get rid of your pain. Get in touch with Smillie Dental now for an appointment. 

Got a Painful Tooth? Learn More About Your Options at Smillie Dental

A toothache is always an indicator that something is wrong with your tooth. Healthy teeth don’t hurt. So if you’re experiencing tooth pain in Port Orange, the best thing to do is to see a dentist right away. At Smillie Dental, Dr. Joseph and Dr. Helen are always here to help. Contact us online or call now at (386) 317-4754 to schedule an appointment right away. 

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