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Is a Tooth Abscess an Emergency?

A tooth abscess is definitely a sign that you should see a Port Orange emergency dentist as soon as possible. Without immediate treatment, this condition may cause serious and irreversible damage to your overall oral health.

Keep reading to understand why a tooth abscess is a dental emergency and how it’s treated.

What Is a Tooth Abscess?

An abscess is a pouch filled with bacteria and a sign your body is dealing with a tooth infection. It can look like a small pimple on the gums.

It’s most likely caused by a large cavity or tooth infection. The issue is that when an abscess forms, it usually means the infection is beginning to spread, which is why the condition forms outside the tooth.

What Are the Other Symptoms of a Tooth Abscess or Infection?

If you see an abscess forming, that’s reason enough to see Dr. Joseph Smillie or Dr. Helen Smillie for an emergency appointment.

However, if you are dealing with a tooth infection, you may also be experiencing the following symptoms:

  • A severe toothache
  • Significant swelling
  • Heightened sensitivity to heat and cold
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Bad breath
  • Red and tender gums, etc.

How Is a Tooth Abscess Treated?

To treat your tooth abscess, Dr. Joseph Smillie or Dr. Helen Smillie will first inspect your oral health and take x-rays of your mouth to determine the best course of action for your specific case.

Treatment options may include:

  • Draining the abscess: It’s the fastest way to treat an abscess. A small incision is made into the abscess to drain all the bacteria. This will allow the area to heal properly. However, not all abscesses can be drained, in which case you may need alternative treatments.
  • Antibiotic treatment: If the infection is large, you may need to take antibiotics for a few days to combat the bacteria. Once you finish your therapy, you may need to come back to get subsequent dental work.
  • Root canal: This is a common procedure used to treat a badly infected tooth. It removes all the infected tissue from the inside and requires a filling or a dental crown to restore the tooth.
  • Tooth extraction: Sometimes, the infection can be so large that the tooth is simply beyond saving. In these cases, permanent tooth extraction is recommended to prevent the bacteria from spreading to other tissues in your body, such as the jaw bone. There are several tooth replacement options you can get later on to restore your smile, such as dental implants.

Emergency Dental Care in Port Orange

If you are dealing with a tooth abscess, don’t wait. The sooner you get it treated, the more chances you have to protect your long-term oral health.

Call Dr. Joseph Smillie and Dr. Helen Smillie at (386) 317-4754 now for a same-day emergency oral health appointment to get your tooth abscess treated at once.

For a regular visit, you can schedule a consultation online with Smillie Dental.

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