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Can a Root Canal Cause a Sinus Infection? Learn Everything You Need to Know

If you have symptoms of a sinus infection (sinusitis) after a root canal in Port Orange, you may be wondering if your sinus infection is related to your recent treatment. Is it possible for a root canal to cause these symptoms? The team at Smillie Dental is happy to discuss the details about whether or not root canals can cause sinus infections.

Root Canals Don’t Cause Sinus Infections, but Infected Teeth Can

It’s possible that your sinus infection is not related to your root canal at all. If you have sinusitis, this could have been caused by your infected tooth, and it may be persisting after the tooth has been cleaned and repaired with a root canal. 

The upper teeth, and the upper-rear teeth, in particular, are very close to your sinus lining. If the inside of your tooth is infected, the root could decay and cause bone near your sinuses to break down. If this happens, bacteria can enter your sinuses, and cause a sinus infection.

This is known as “maxillary sinusitis of endodontic origin.” It’s entirely possible for this to persist after a root canal. Depending on the severity of the infection, you may be able to simply treat your symptoms at home, or you may need to see a doctor for antibiotics to control and eliminate the infection.

Your Post-Root Canal “Sinus Infection” Could Actually Be a Sinus Communication

If you are experiencing sinus infection-like symptoms like:

  • Post-nasal drip
  • Pressure and congestion in your sinuses
  • Runny nose
  • Sinus pain/discomfort

You may not have a sinus infection at all. Instead, you might have a common complication from root canal therapy, known as a “sinus communication.”

This term basically means that there is a very small hole in your sinus lining. As mentioned before, the roots of your teeth are very close to your sinuses. If you have a root canal on an upper tooth, your dentist may accidentally poke a very small hole in the lining while cleaning out the infected material.

The symptoms of this are quite minor, and similar to sinusitis. Your sinus communication will usually heal in a few days. 

However, if you notice prolonged symptoms that last 1-2 weeks, or experience serious pain and discomfort near the tooth, you notice bleeding or pus in your mucus, or you have metallic, “musty” taste in your throat, nose or mouth, you should come to see Dr. McCue right away. This could indicate a large opening in your sinus, or that your root canal did not completely remove your infection.

Need a Root Canal, Or a Follow-Up Due to Sinus Issues? Contact Smillie Dental

Dr. Joseph Smillie is an experienced endodontist in Port Orange. If you’re having sinus issues after a root canal, or you think that you may need a root canal in one of your upper teeth, Dr. Smillie is here to help. To schedule a consultation, just call us at (386) 317-4754, or stop by our office at 5537 South Williamson Blvd, #675, Port Orange, Florida 32128.

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