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How To Protect Your Tooth Enamel – 6 Simple Tips You May Not Know

Tooth enamel is the outer layer of the tooth, and it’s the hardest substance in the body. But it can be worn down over time by improper oral health habits, leading to a higher risk of tooth decay and infected teeth.

Wondering how to keep your enamel in great shape? You’ve come to the right place. Smillie Dental will take a look at a few simple, easy-to-follow tips that will keep your smile bright and beautiful.

1. Use Fluoride Toothpaste (And Avoid Charcoal Toothpaste)

Choose an ADA-accepted fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride is the single most beneficial chemical for your teeth. It is completely safe, and attracts minerals to your enamel, which strengthen it and reverse the effects of acid and bacteria.

Avoid charcoal toothpaste. These products are usually not ADA-accepted and can be very harsh and abrasive. This could lead to enamel damage over time, particularly if you brush aggressively.

2. Don’t Rinse Your Mouth After Brushing

If you have a habit of rinsing out your mouth or drinking water after brushing, don’t! Wait at least 5-15 minutes. Why? Because rinsing right after brushing washes away the extra fluoride on your teeth.

By letting the fluoride “sit” on your teeth for a bit, you maximize its power. So after you brush, don’t rinse or drink water. Give the fluoride a little bit of time to strengthen your enamel!

3. Brush In The Morning And At Night Before Bed

Twice-daily brushing in the morning and at night is the best. Brushing at night removes food particles and eliminates bacteria that will tend to multiply as you sleep. Then, brushing in the morning freshens your breath and helps strengthen and prepare your enamel for the day.

4. Cut Back On Sugary And Acidic Drinks

Sugary soda, coffee, juice, tea, and other such drinks should be avoided whenever possible. The combination of sugar and acid in these drinks is horrible for your teeth. Avoid these beverages in favor of bottled water, when you can, and take other steps to reduce sugar intake, like drinking coffee black instead of using cream and sugar.

5. Drink Tap Water, Not Bottled Water

Tap water contains a small amount of fluoride, which is great for your teeth. Choosing tap water is better for your enamel, and also saves you money compared to buying bottled water.

6. Rinse Or Brush 30 Minutes After Consuming Sugary Or Acidic Foods & Drinks

After you eat or drink, particularly if you consume something sugary and acidic like orange juice, you should wait about 30 minutes before brushing.

That’s because the enamel tends to become softer when exposed to acid and sugar. Brushing right away can actually damage the enamel. So wait a little while, as the saliva in your mouth neutralizes and washes away acid, bacteria, and food particles.

Keep Your Enamel Healthy With These Simple Tips From Smillie Dental

Dr. Joseph Smillie and Dr. Helen Smillie focus on preventive dentistry in Port Orange. Follow these tips to keep your enamel healthy and cavity-free, and don’t forget your six-month checkup. Contact us now or give us a call at (386) 317-4754 to book your next appointment today.

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