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Meet “The Wand” – Your Ticket To Pain-Free Dentistry!

If you’ve ever put off an important dental procedure because you were worried about pain and discomfort, you aren’t alone. Many people in America suffer from dental anxiety, and even those who are not afraid of the dentist may be intimidated by a surgery such as a root canal or a wisdom tooth extraction.

But at Smillie Dental, you don’t have to fear pain or discomfort at the dentist. At our cosmetic dentistry practice, we use the very latest digital technology and specialized dental techniques to deliver painless dentistry in Port Orange.

The Wand Tool

One of the devices we use is called “The Wand”. Read on, and learn more about how this device helps us provide pain-free dentistry!

What Is “The Wand”?

“The Wand” is a computer-assisted system that’s used to deliver local anesthesia to the site of a dental operation. It carefully guides dentists and dental assistants as they perform dental injections.

Traditionally, anesthetic is delivered using a hypodermic needle and syringe. While this is effective, there is usually a bit of pain and discomfort associated with the initial numbing injections. The Wand eliminates this problem, allowing us to provide more excellent patient care with pain-free dentistry in Port Orange.

How Does The Wand Work?

There are a few factors that make The Wand such a great way to deliver numbing agents and anesthetics.

First, The Wand begins to deliver anesthetic before it is placed in the mouth. This creates a “numbing pathway”. As soon as The Wand is used to inject your tooth, the numbing agent takes effect, minimizing pain and discomfort.

It also uses advanced technology to identify intraligamentary tissue quickly, allowing for the best possible injection results.

Finally, The Wand delivers a more precise numbing experience. A single tooth can easily be numbed without the rest of the mouth being affected. This reduces the often-uncomfortable side effects of common numbing agents.

The Benefits Of Pain-Free Dentistry At Smillie Dental

Why should you come to Smillie Dental for pain-free dentistry with The Wand? We’re glad you asked. Here are just a few reasons:

  • No more worrying about pain during your appointment – If you’re afraid of needles, or otherwise dislike injections, The Wand is sure to help. It delivers a pain-free injection, removing the worst part about the experience and giving you peace of mind during your appointment.In addition, because it’s so precise, you don’t have to worry about your numbing agents wearing off during your appointment.
  • Faster treatment time – The Wand allows for a faster delivery of numbing agents, compared to a traditional hypodermic syringe. This reduces the overall time spent in the dentist’s chair.
  • Quick recovery time – The Wand is less invasive and more precise than a needle. This means a faster recovery post-surgery, and fewer negative post-treatment symptoms, such as mouth and tongue numbness.

Get The Dentistry You Need – Without The Pain!

Whether you need a simple treatment, such as a filling for a cavity, or a more complex procedure such as a root canal, Dr. Smillie is here to help. Using The Wand and our advanced dental technology, we focus on delivering pain-free dentistry to all of our patients.

Contact us at 386-317-4754 to schedule an appointment today, or feel free to visit our office at 5537 South Williamson Blvd, #675, Port Orange, Florida 32128. We’ll see you soon!

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