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Welcome to Our Office!

Meet Our Doctors!

Hey there, Dr. Smillie here with a few reasons why we’re here and what we’re all about. I started my practice because I was not satisfied with the level of service and care that other places I had worked before had provided. My goal is to provide all my patients effective and comprehensive service, at an affordable price. Mostly, I hope to provide all my patients with a friendly experience, so they always leave visits with a smile on their face.

What we’re all about

At Smillie Dental, our staff are committed to the comfort of our patients and forging lasting bonds with everyone who comes to our office. We want to be your ally in dental health and cosmetic perfection, so you feel like you’re in need of anything, we’re here to make it better—every time.

We do it all

Though we specialize in cosmetic dentistry, we offer a wide variety of dental services that most patients need. Our general dentistry procedures help prevent oral problems from occurring, and our restorative dentistry treatments help solve problems when they do arise. Look around our services section (links to Services Page) to see if we have the treatments you need. From basic cleanings to custom crowns, we strive to have any procedure you may need.

New Patient? Contact Us Today!

Never seen Dr. Smillie before? Not a problem! We welcome our new patients just as warmly as our most loyal returning patients. Check our patient resources page for specials and forms, which will make your visit easier and more accommodating. Contact us today to get the dental treatment you’ve always wanted.

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