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The Top 5 Signs That Veneers Are Right For You

Considering porcelain veneers in Port Orange? At Smillie Dental, Dr. Smillie has years of experience with smile makeovers and porcelain veneers. In just 2-3 quick appointments, you can get the smile you’ve always wanted. Here are 5 signs that they may be the perfect option for restoring your smile:

1. You’re Unhappy With How Your Smile Looks

First and foremost, veneers are right for you if you unhappy with the appearance of your smile. Whether you have gaps in your teeth, stains, or you simply have teeth that are small or misshapen, veneers can help!

If you aren’t confident with your smile, you may avoid laughing or smiling in public and feel self-conscious when eating. If these feelings are familiar to you, seeing an experienced cosmetic dentist like Dr. Smillie for veneers may be the right choice for you.

2. You Tried Teeth Whitening And It Didn’t Work

Teeth whitening can treat most external stains caused by things like using tobacco use, drinking coffee, wine and tea, and yellowing from the natural aging process. But sometimes, if your stains are very severe, it may not be enough. Internal tooth stains also can’t be treated by teeth whitening products.

3. Your Smile Has A Number Of Different Cosmetic Flaws

The great thing about veneers is that they can treat multiple cosmetic issues. Large gaps can be treated, as well as teeth that are stained, slightly crooked, misshapen, chipped, or worn-down. With just a single treatment, you can solve just about any cosmetic flaw that’s affecting your smile.

4. You Want A Long-Term Solution To Restore Your Smile

Veneers can easily last 15 years or longer with proper care. This means that, if you want a solution that is more durable than other cosmetic treatments like dental bonding or teeth whitening, veneers are a good investment. After you get veneers, your smile will keep paying off for years and decades to come.

5. You Have A Healthy, Disease-Free Mouth

Veneers are only a good option for patients with healthy mouths free of any serious oral health issues, like infected or decayed teeth and gum disease. These conditions must be addressed before cosmetic treatment can begin, so see Dr. Smillie for an oral exam and teeth cleaning, to ensure that your mouth is healthy enough for veneers.

Schedule Your Consultation Now – And Get Your Dream Smile!

Veneers can treat just about every cosmetic flaw, and they’re non-invasive, affordable, and long-lasting. If you think veneers may be right for you, schedule a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Smillie right away! At your appointment, he will examine your mouth and discuss your budget, preferences and other details, to determine if veneers are the best choice for restoring your smile. Contact us now at (386) 317-4754 to get started, or drop by our office at 5537 South Williamson Blvd, #675, Port Orange, Florida 32128.

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